Classified Ads Android Mobile App launched New Version 1.4.0

 Best Classified Apps for android Mobile

Best Classified Ads App

Best in class classified ads app for android Mobile with exceptional ad posting features:

  • Advance search system
  • Messaging system for buyer & sellers
  • Bidding On ads with variant options
  • Custom Fields
  • Social Login options
  •  Translation ready
  • RTL Version

and many more advanced features to boost classified business sales.

classified ad posting app


Why classified ads Mobile apps are becoming a norm to search or post items for sale?

DO you know why classified ads mobile apps become norm now a days? let me explain about the importance of android ads apps.

As Classified ads business is growing every day and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to increase their business profits. Customers are also looking for ease to search the best classified ad listing and they also prefer platforms which allow easy posting of classified ads. With the birth of mobile phones and after increase in their usage, customers look for ways to search and post classifieds ad right from their smartphones. Businesses are also changing their online and physical ads platforms into digital apps to reach additional customers. Classified ads apps have become a norm and every business is developing ad posting app to catch maximum user attention and keep them engaged with their classified business.



Mobile phones and tablets are being used in every household which makes it the perfect way to present your classifieds business to them at their fingertips. Classified ad posting apps have made it easy for users to search their desired listing and contact the seller. Users looking to post an ad are also turning to classifieds apps to post their items for sale, online.

Below are some of the key points which have increased the way how users are using classified ad posting apps for their advantages

  • Ability to easily view the posted classified ads on their mobile phones
  • Post their items for sale right from the app by posting a new ad. An app like AdForest provides various options for posting with particular details
  • They can contact the sellers easily from the app
  • Integrated messaging system allow the customers to contact the seller without leaving the app
  • Simple interface presents all necessary features on the screen
  • Light weight apps makes the classified apps faster to load than web browsers on mobile phones
  • Instant notifications make it ideal to know when a potential buyer shows interests in your item


Customers prefer top classifieds apps with the above mentioned features and they tend to keep the apps like AdForest installed to view and post ads. If you are looking for a best  ads posting android app with the exceptional features for your business, AdForest is your perfect choice available at attractive rates.

5 features to look while selecting the best Classified ads listing App for mobile

Mobile phones are becoming the central tool for buying and selling of various products online and various retailers and product dealers are opting for mobile classifieds app to sell their products.Vendors are switching their web-based classified ads listing businesses to mobile to obtain maximum exposure towards your items. With the emergence of mobile advertising and classified listing apps, many developers are creating exciting apps for classified listing purposes.

Although a lot of classified ads mobile apps are available for android and specifically, the smartphone users but, not all of them have the required features for running a successful classified ad listing business. The most important 5 points below should be able to help you find the best classified apps which will not only attract sellers but, the buyers will also use your app to find their required product.

  • Simple yet attractive design:

An attractive app with user-friendly interface with vibrant colors and design elements will entice buyers and sellers and they will be tempted to use your classified listing app.

  • Categorization with easy selection: The app should be able to display the products by showing them in the related category. The buyers should be able to view the list of categories and they should be able to view product listing in a particular category easily.
  • Advanced search:

advance search adforest.gif

Buyers hesitate in going through dozens of product ad listening posting to find the required item. A well-designed classified ads app provides advanced search options to let customers easily filter the listing to find the right item.

  • Easy contact between seller and buyer:


Full-featured apps like Adforest come with the option to let the interested buyers contact the seller right from the app. Most apps provide built-in messaging system to contact the seller.

  • Light weight and fluent: Customers using smartphones for browsing their desired product through an app should be provided easy to use and smooth app experience. The app should be quick enough and have fluent design elements to gain maximum attraction due to the user-friendly design.

If you are looking for a classifieds app to run a business, Adforest is the best app to bring your business to the fingertips of customers. Its light weight and smart features make it distinctive among customers.